Military Operations

Our brand was built upon

Safety And Training

Havasu Air Center has always put forth safety and training as our first priority. All line personnel are NATA certified and go through a yearly recurrent training process. From hot fueling aircraft to basic aircraft needs our staff is trained to the highest standards in the industry and has over 50 years combined experience.

The Facility

Designated Military Ramp and Lounge

Designated Military Lounge

  • Located at the south end of the field
  • Take A-2 to the B-1 intersection
  • Follow me vehicle will direct to parking
  • Jet-A Truck will be standing by

Lake Havasu City Airport

  • 8,000 Feet of Runway
  • GPS RNAV LPV LP VOR/DME approaches
  • 24hr Pilot Controlled Lighting

With our large designated military ramp parking we are able to accommodate large movements of multiple aircraft efficiently and safely.


Havasu Air Center is family owned and operated by two brothers. Our proactive approach instills trust in our customers; they know we have taken every conceivable precautionary measure that contributes to your particular mission operation. Havasu Air Center’s goal is to exceed your expectations

  • DLA Contact # SPE60719D0104
  • 4 JetA Refuelers
  • 14,000 Gallons JetA Rolling Stock
  • NATA Trained Line Service
  • Hot Fueling Capability
  • 24 Hour Service Available
  • Private Military Personnel Lounge

Proud To Support Our Troops!

Lake Havasu City, AZ (KHII)

From hangar space to maintenance, we offer everything you need to keep flying in style.

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Havasu Air Center

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7 Days a Week

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